Is Our Democracy Broken?


Between 125 and 130 million Americans will vote in today’s election, but that’s only about half of the total U.S. population age 18 and over.  According to the polling averages on, about 48.5% of those voting plan to vote for Hillary Clinton for President and about 45% plan to vote for Donald Trump.  That difference is likely amount to less than 4 million votes, but about 40 million Americans who are registered to vote will not do so.  Another 50 million Americans are eligible to register to vote, but have not done so.  Is our democracy broken?

To own a better future, we need to have more ownership of not just our jobs, but more ownership of our lives, our communities, our government, and our politics.  Increasing participation in our democracy is an essential part of that.  That only about half of the adult population is voting in the election shows how far we have to go.